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We a global management company working hard to provide an exceptional executive experience in Travel to businesses and Individuals of all classes and style.
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“Acting consistently with our purpose and our values demands that a culture of integrity guides all our decisions. We are dedicated to doing business the right way. Our Code reflects who we are as a company and shows how we bring our culture of integrity to life in our work every day. Integrity builds trust. That’s why our associates, customers, investors, suppliers, and business partners choose EPAA—they know we are a business they can trust. ”

“Join a high-energy, fast-paced environment where you'll uncover game-changing activities that lead to practical results with real impact for our clients.”

Fred Ocweyi
Executive Director / Regional Representative

We have a different mindset and approach, helping you find the most advantageous path forward

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We believe that everything can be improved upon, and that best can be replaced with better

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Our engagements are targeted interventions at critical junctures; we encourage clients to act at the right moment to change the trajectory of their busines

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We recognize our responsibility to local communities and the world at large, and we know that lifting up those most in need benefits us all

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To be the most trusted, dependable and exceptional global leader in travel management and adventure that changes life style and standard of living of communities, leading the way into the future with innovation and world class services.

Our Approach

Our approach pairs our signature Warm welcoming customer care service with the personal tastes and lifestyle travel adventure needs of our clients. Our exclusively full service and solutions model ensures that one unified vision is at the forefront from the early stages of travel planning through to the finishing touches.

We approach every client with executive attention in bid to elevate the customer experience; every client is treated as an executive regardless volume or category of business. Whether you’re starting from the zero, or elevate already existing plans, our team has the design talent and technical experience to make the process as efficient as possible and create something amazing.

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Everyone is an Executive

EPAA Portfolio

EPAA’s portfolio features Six Sub-brands, which together capture the group spirit:

Executive Escapes and Adventures by Executive Pulse Adventures, TravelStar by Executive Pulse Adventures Africa, Job Slot Connect by Executive Pulse Adventures Africa, Executive Transportation by Executive Pulse Adventures Africa, Executive Hotels and Stay by Executive Pulse Adventures Africa, Study Connect by Executive Pulse Adventures Africa

Countries Where We Operate

Uganda Kenya Tanzania Rwanda

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